Sunday, 6 November 2016

Yesterday was the Russell Flower Show. Its a show I haven't entered before but its quite close to home - just a twenty minute ferry trip and then a short walk. So I took my bag of vases with flowers in and my special Bagley Glass Royal commem. posy vase and off I went on the ferry. Needless to say carrying them in a bag wasn't the best way to get flowers to a Show in the best condition. But I really enjoy entering Flower Show competitions so I was stalwart about the weight of the bag etc.

There was a class for "Queen's Birthday Floral Art" which was why I thought the Bagley posy vases were a good idea. But as you can see above, once I put the flowers in you couldn't really see the R. And it didn't win a prize. But I thought you would like to see what it looked like with flowers. I'm sure someone else could have made it look much prettier.

Anyway, all was not lost because I won first prize for my Alstromeria, also shown proudly above! And my friend Maria won first prize for her orchid plant and William won first prize on behalf of Russell School for a beautiful yellow rose that won "Best in Show". (William is the School Principal and got all the children involved in making things for the show).

And the last picture above? Well Silkie totally disapproved of the Bagley Glass posy vases and jumped up at the camera when I was trying to photograph them! I hope you like the pictures.