Friday, 14 October 2016

Ken's lampwork paperweights

Ken Rosenfeld an American glass artists who makes incredibly realistic flower posies
inside a glass paperweight, all made from glass using the “Lampwork” technique.

The detail in this beautiful rose is an example of his work.   
Each tiny piece is made from glass using a flame torch
= a bit like a Bunsen burner attached to a bench. 

When it is complete and all the pieces have been attached,
it is encased in clear crystal glass to make a permanent floral display 
- which will never die or fade.   

Recently Ken has developed a new technique of cutting the crystal glass
to make an even more complex and beautiful item, like the one shown here.


Ken is the Featured Artist on the Paperweight Collectors Association website this month, 
which you can see at   
I'm the editor for that website.
Ken’s glass studio is in Milwaukee, Oregon in the States.