Friday, 7 October 2016

Welcome to the ABGN blog

Welcome to the first post for this blog.
I'm Angela and I used to have a Glass Newsletter years ago.
I'm modernising and learning new tricks. So now its a blog.
I hope you are going to enjoy it.
To get us started, here is a picture of a Pirelli Glass Pheasant.

I've put him in because he's very rare - I only know of one other.
I searched for years and kept thinking I'd found one, but no.
So now I have quite a large collection of "non-Pirelli pheasants".
But this one with his label and subsequent confirmation
from Pirelli glassworkers has finally answered the question
"What does a Pirelli pheasant look like".

I'll follow this up soon with the first serious Glass Newsletter Blog.
Stay with me.