Sunday 4 December 2016

 This is the most beautiful vase I have ever seen. Isn't it wonderful!

I couldn't afford to buy it, but when Jonathan Harris showed it to me at the National Glass Collectors' Fair some years ago, I took this photograph.

It was made by Jonathan at his glass studio in Shropshire, combining graal and cameo carving techniques. The procedure involves layers of hot coloured glass coated in clear crystal, rolled in coloured glass powders, and allowed to cool then carved, reheated, and more layers and more carving added, including layers of silver and gold leaf. When he worked with Richard Golding at Okra Glass (before his current studio) Jonathan's vases consisted of as many as eight layers, and since those days his work sometimes has even more layers.The result is totally stunning.

I can't afford a Jonathan Harris vase, but I do have a small collection of Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Glass, made by Jonathan's family. Michael Harris who founded Mdina Glass on the Island of Malta and later founded Isle of Wight glass in the south of England, was Jonathan's father. Here's my little Isle of Wight Glass vase in their "Victorian" range.

 And here's the little label on its base.

I know, I know, it doesn't compare to the vase by Jonathan (above). But it is pretty and I believe the Victorian range was designed by Jonathan before he left Isle of Wight glass.

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